Photo of Albany NY skyline at nightThe NYS Forum, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance New York State's public sector information technology (IT) practices through collaboration and knowledge transfer with the New York State IT business and government communities.

Established in June 1987, the organization is nationally recognized as a unique collaborative of private and public sector leaders and information technology professionals. The NYS Forum fulfills a significant and valued role promoting the effective use and management of information technology as a core component of government operations in New York State.

The purpose of The NYS Forum is to:

  • foster better understanding and use of information technology and practices by governmental officials in New York State;
  • assist New York State governmental entities and others in the development and utilization of policies, practices and technologies for effective, equitable and secure use and management of information technology; and,
  • provide meaningful opportunities for the advancement and exchange of knowledge, practices, and solutions of government officials and others through meetings, conferences, and other means.


The NYS Forum is strengthened by core values that are the foundation of the corporation. As a member-driven organization, The NYS Forum promotes an open and collaborative environment. Members, leadership, staff and partners are professional and ethical and ensure that the organization is progressive and innovative. Initiatives, programs and activities of The NYS Forum are objective, vendor-neutral & independent.