Work Groups/Areas of Interest

The work groups form the nucleus of the organization's high-quality program design and efficient execution. They are led by productive teams of New York government and IT corporate leaders and are able to respond quickly and qualitatively to the education, policy, and research needs of New York's IT community. Leadership of The NYS Forum's Work Groups are volunteers from government and corporate organizations.

Business Analysis / Business Architecture

Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in organizations by examining current and future states, identifying opportunities, conducting feasibility and cost/benefit analysis, defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.

Business Continuity

The objective of the Business Continuity work group is to work in collaboration with state and local agencies and representatives of the IT Corporate Roundtable to develop education and training opportunities and tools that address business continuance planning needs of New York's state and local government entities.

Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies

The objectives of the Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies Work Group are to provide an avenue for government and commercial organizations to exchange information related to new technologies and facilitate the introduction, evaluation and sponsorship of topics relating to new and emerging technologies for consideration by The NYS Forum members.

Information Security

The objective of the Information Security Work Group is to work in collaboration with state and local agencies to develop education and training opportunities and tools that address cyber security issues.

IT Corporate Roundtable

The Forum's IT Corporate Roundtable was created in October 2001 to provide a productive context for IT corporations and Forum membership to pursue proactive communications and initiatives targeted on improved mutual understandings and communications and, ultimately, more efficient state procedures, products and services better aligned with New York State needs.

IT Procurement

The NYS IT Procurement Improvement work group was created to review and suggest enhancements to the IT procurement process and provide timely education and training.

Project Management

The Forum's Standing Work Group on Project Management was created to support government entities and government project managers as they implement project management standards and practices, Project Management Offices (PMO'S), and project portfolio management (PPM) within their organizations.

SharePoint Community of Practice

The SharePoint and O365 Community of Practice facilitates sharing of ideas and solutions for the O365 platform. Through training, open communication, and knowledge transfer on all levels - the CoP better enables the users of the product to work more efficiently and better serve the business needs of New York State.

Web and Accessibility

The Webmasters' Guild was created to provide a means for those individuals within state and local government that have responsibilities for their agencies Web Sites to share ideas, issues, problem solutions and to suggest and/or develop education opportunities to benefit web development professionals.