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The Business Continuity (BC) work group works in collaboration with state and local agencies and representatives of the IT Corporate Roundtable to develop education and training opportunities and tools that address contingency planning needs. The absence of a clearly defined regulatory driver in the governmental sector for business continuity planning continues to make it a low priority for many entities. However, in recent years an increasing number of unplanned events have reminded prudent executives why BC planning is a wise investment. This work group seeks to increase awareness and offer assistance with BC planning methods, and to provide a focal point for information sharing and collaboration.

The Work Group seeks contact information from State and Local Government Agencies of representatives performing, or interested in developing, BC Planning, Disaster Recovery (DR) or Emergency Management (EM) related activities. This Work Group welcomes your involvement as we prioritize and engage state and local agencies on BC education and training initiatives dentified at the NYS Forum's annual Strategic Planning Meeting. If you have an interest in involvement, please contact, Mark Spreitzer (

The NYS Forum's BC Work Group Co-Chairs are pleased to announce the availability of the updated version of the "Online Business Continuity Health Check". The Forum developed the original "health check" following September 11 in response to the heightened concern in both public and private sectors that organizations are fully prepared to continue business operations in the face of disastrous events, whether resulting from natural causes or malicious attacks.

The new BC Health Check provides an organization with an indication of the status of emergency preparedness and BC readiness and provides suggestions, primarily based upon best practices, for addressing shortcomings. The Health Check is a tool that an organization can use to increase awareness and generate executive support on the importance of emergency planning. The "health check" is not intended, nor was it designed, to replace the deliberate, agency-wide risk assessment and contingency planning process that is inherent to a well designed and frequently updated BC plan.

The NYS Forum Executive Leadership and the Business Continuity Work Group are concerned that planning for emergency response, business continuity and disaster recovery is not made a high priority in NYS Government. The white paper Supporting the Public's Business: Continuity Planning & NYS Government ( html, pdf )discusses the issues that remain today. It is our hope that the BC Health Check can help to generate a higher interest and commitment to business continuity planning in State Government. The Health Check is available at