Web and Accessibility


Photo of Eric Steinborn
Eric Steinborn,
New York State Office of the Attorney General,
(518) 880-1045


The Web and Accessibility Workgroup provides a means for NYS Forum members and individuals within state and local government that have Web Site responsibilities to share ideas, discuss issues, resolve problems, and stay current with emerging trends. Of particular concern are web sites and web applications that exclude potential customers by hiding content from blind people, ignoring the needs of deaf customers, losing motion-impaired consumers, catering only to those on one side of the digital divide, and excluding aging baby boomers who find tiny print a challenge. The workgroup works to raise awareness of these accessibility issues with the technology community, to encourage the development of sensible policies to address these issues, and to provide the technical training necessary to implement the policies.

In addition to monthly meetings, the group supports a listserv that is used to announce details of the meetings and is used by members to share questions, solutions, etc. The workgroup also sponsors other educational opportunities and presentations on timely topics of interest to the group, as they arise.

The workgroup is truly a grassroots, hands-on organization and continually welcomes volunteers and participants.