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Leveraging Data

Monday December 16, 2019
12:30 - 4:00 pm
(12:15 pm Check-In)
NYC Department of Transportation
Bid Room (ground level)
55 Water Street, New York, NY
(Last entrance on right hand side of 55 Water Street building, towards South Street)
Webex available for this event

This session will showcase projects where statistical and log analysis, security and information management, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence were used to identify, predict, and visualize patterns, anomalies and alerts in large datasets.

Presenters will address:

  • Projects that provided real time data analysis, specifically for data-flow, storage, analysis and visualization.
  • Use cases that illustrate how machine learning can identify, predict, and visualize patterns, anomalies and alerts in large datasets.
  • Overview of data preparation and normalization efforts that are typical in projects with large datasets.
  • Projects where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were used to identify human error, modification of records and anomalies.
  • Projects that showcase security event and information management capabilities while also providing analytical and visualization capabilities.
  • Overview of the skill sets necessary for government to ensure that data flow, storage, analysis, and visualization are managed and implemented effectively.


  • Balasaheb Vadnere, VP Data Analytics, GCOM Software Inc.
  • Pedro Desouza, Principal Solutions Architect - Big Data Analytics, Dell EMC
  • Jen Dunham, Certified Fraud Examiner, SAS; John Stultz, Principal Solutions Architect, SAS
  • Bhaskar Agarwal, Director, Technology, Nagarro Inc.
  • Mike Jones, Systems Engineer, Pure Storage

Who should attend?

  • Government staff
  • ITCR Members

Pre-Register by December 14, 2019

  • Pre-Registration is Required.
  • Webex is Available.