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International Corporate Speaker Addresses ITCR

Photo of Jay RifenbaryJay Rifenbary, internationally renowned corporate speaker, trainer and consultant, addressed members of The NYS Forum IT Corporate Roundtable on March 25, drawing on a correlation relating to some of his tools and practices to surviving in an environment of radical change - much as we are facing today in NYS.

Jay educates and motivates conference attendees and organizational teams through his world-class, on-site professional core value development training seminars, workshops and keynote speeches. A resident of Saratoga Springs, NY, Jay is president of Rifenbary Training & Development, author of the international best-seller, "No Excuse! - Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and Career," awarded "Book of the Year" by the North American Book Dealers Exchange; and author of the newly released book, "True To Your Core - Common Sense Values for Living Life to Its Fullest"

"Jay has given the world a most generous gift. Anyone who applies the "No Excuse!" philosophy can create the life they want - and make a difference."
- Jack Canfield, Best-Selling Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"