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The Mobile Browser World

Photo of Deborah Buck, ppk, and Jennifer KangOn April 14th, The NYS Forum in collaboration with the Professional Development Program of Rockefeller College, was honored to have Peter-Paul Koch, universally known as ppk, provide his knowledge of the mobile browser world. ppk from Amsterdam, the Netherlands has been on a coast-to-coast speaking tour and agreed to visit Albany, NY as the last stop on his tour to share his research findings and insights on the mobile browser world. As a mobile platform strategist ppk has been watching, researching, and reporting on mobile devices since 2009.  Mobile as a platform has exploded and while the United States lags behind other countries in terms of overall mobile usage ppk made it clear that we must prepare for the eventuality of more than five times as many users accessing the web via the mobile versus the desktop environment. Consistent with the global mobile community U.S. developers must grapple with a field of twenty (and counting) browsers along with the fascinating new bugs that will surface in this environment.  The differences and concentration of browser preferences in the U.S. were highlighted so that we can better understand our users.  ppk offered specific guidance, strategies and tools to make progress in this evolving environment. His presentation is available at:  For more information about ppk, please visit or follow him on twitter at