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Daniel C. Chan Kicks Off Annual Planning Session

Daniel ChanDaniel C. Chan, Ph.D., Acting NYS Chief Information Officer and Acting Director of the NYS Office for Technology kicked off The NYS Forum's Annual Planning Session on August 17th.   Dr. Chan's keynote presentation drew upon comparisons to other environments to address how technology leaders may act as an agent for change to drive innovation, improve business processes and generate greater operational efficiencies. In particular, Dr. Chan highlighted some of the thought provoking industrial trends and responses at the federal level that are shaping enterprise IT solutions.

Deborah V. Buck, Executive Director of The NYS Forum, spoke to the changes that The Forum, like our government and corporate sector members, have experienced over the past year.  As a whole, New York State is undergoing a fundamental change with a focus on transitioning the state to a new level of competency, efficiency and leadership. This changing environment has required The Forum leadership to be forward thinking in developing a plan that will strengthen and position The Forum to sustain itself as a unique, relevant and valued organization.

Attendees were provided with first-hand knowledge of The Forum's strategic planning efforts to date. Over  the last several months, members of The Forum's Board of Directors, work group co-chairs and IT Corporate Roundtable and a representational core planning group have met to provide input and guidance to develop the two-year Plan. The Forum's mission, visions and values statements were shared as well as recommendations for goals and strategies for the two-year plan. Attendees at the Annual Planning Session participated in interactive exercises to generate feedback and ideas on the objectives and to identify specific tasks and performance measures that should be considered as means to achieve the proposed outcomes. Input from the event will be compiled into a summary and shared with members and will be considered by the Board of Directors as they consider adopting the Plan.

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