Business Innovation and Emerging Technologies

Photo of NYC Innovation and Emerging Technologies Work Group


Consistent with The NYS Forum maintaining its role as an efficient and vital information resource for the NYS Government, the Innovation & Emerging Technology Workgroup:

  • Hosts forums to support or government and commercial organizations to exchange information related to new technologies.
  • Explores how new technologies can inspire and support innovation in government
  • Facilitates the discussion of topics related to new and emerging technologies
  • Fosters public-private sector dialogue regarding new technology to guide government innovation

The Innovation & Emerging Technology Workgroup works collaboratively with the all of the NYS Forum workgroups and welcomes public and corporate sectors members to actively participate and support the exploration of topic areas of interest.

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Albany Co-Chairs

Photo of Lewis Makinson
Lewis Makinson,
NYS Teachers Retirement System,
(518) 447-4742
Photo of Glen Kaatz
Glen Kaatz,
NYS Energy Research & Development Authority,
(518) 862-1090

Dina Triolo,
Amazon Web Services,
(646) 957-1730
David Tyner,
UiPath, Inc.,
(518) 819-1839
Michele Chank,
(518) 225-5123
Mike Perkins,
(518) 225-9086