Established in June 1987 as a membership organization for state and local government entities and their employees, The NYS Forum was formed to achieve these specific purposes:

  • Promote the exchange of information, practices, and experiences among organizations and agencies of New York State government.
  • Develop cooperative projects that result in shared information resources.
  • Promote guidelines and standards which facilitate technology transfer and systems integration.
  • Examine and recommend policies affecting the development and use of information technology resources within the state.
  • Promote research, development, evaluation and use of information technologies applicable to state government.
  • Maintain active liaisons with organizations having expertise relevant to the use and management of information technology.
  • Promote information technologies and resources as essential components of the educational and professional development of the state workforce.

From 1987 to 2008, The NYS Forum operated as a program of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York Research Foundation in Albany, NY.

October 2001, the Information Technology Corporate Roundtable (ITCR) was formed. Establishment of the ITCR formalized The NYS Forum as a public & private collaborative. The ITCR has been fundamental to The NYS Forum's efforts to promote the public and private sector exchange of information, knowledge and practices in a vendor neutral, collaborative environment. Beginning with fourteen (14) ITCR members in 2001, The NYS Forum now engages over 70 corporate entities as active ITCR members.

December 2008 brought about significant changes when the organization incorporated as an independent, non-profit entity in the State of New York and approved as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation. Although The NYS Forum, Inc. no longer operates as a program of the Rockefeller Institute of Government, core features remain unchanged from its formation in 1987:

  • The general and specific purposes, as identified in 1987, remain central to The NYS Forum, Inc. and form the underpinnings of the Corporation's structure and governance.
  • As a membership organization, the Corporation's operating funds are drawn from annual membership dues which are used to support member benefits and services.

Former Executive Directors at The NYS Forum

The Forum celebrates the great people that have stepped up to lead this organization.

Mario Musolino, Feb 2019 - Jan 2023  

Joan Sullivan, Nov 2012 - Feb 2019

Deborah Buck, Oct 2010 - Sept 2012

Gregory Benson, Jan 2001 - Aug 2010

Terry Maxwell, October 1993 - Dec 2000

Sharon Dawes, June 1987 - Sept 1993

(then called NYSFIRM - NYS Forum for Information Resource Management)