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Tyler Grant
Knowledge Engineer
Tyler Grant is a skilled Agile Coach and Consultant, known for his practical approach and proficiency in methodologies like Scrum and SAFe. He has effectively led teams in both the public and private sectors, enhancing performance through data-driven strategies. With a track record of success at major companies like Capital One and Allstate, Tyler has excelled in roles ranging from building and mentoring Agile teams to implementing enterprise-wide Agile
transformations. His focus on team building, workflow optimization, and delivering value has significantly contributed to efficient organizational changes.

Todd Duchaine
Agile Coach and Trainer

Todd Duchaine is an accomplished Agile Coach and Trainer with a proven track record of success in leading innovative IT projects. With expertise in Scrum, Agile Techniques, and Project Management, Todd excels in driving Agile transformations, training teams, and achieving organizational goals. Known for his ability to maintain strong business relationships, foster customer loyalty, and maximize team performance, Todd brings a dynamic and results-oriented approach to every endeavor. With solid management skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a meticulous approach to process improvement, Todd is dedicated to delivering service that goes beyond expectations, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved.

Mary Zarba
Knowledge Engineer

Mary C. Zarba, an experienced healthcare management professional, has transitioned to an Agile coach role. With over 30 years of experience, she has a blend of healthcare, IT expertise, and strong leadership skills. She has managed complex projects and led large-scale Agile transformations at Rocky Mountain Cardiology and High Country Health Care. Mary's MBA from the University of Phoenix and CBAP certification ensure her understanding of business needs and industry trends.

Bonnie Baldus
Knowledge Engineer

Bonnie Baldus is a skilled Agile instructor, consultant, facilitator, coach, and educational program designer. She has taught ICAgile-accredited courses at SoftEd and held roles at Turnberry Solutions, Principal Financial Group, and Cap Gemini America. She holds PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CPO, and multiple certifications. 


George Bridges
Knowledge Engineer

Over the past 30 years, the author has worked as a business analyst and project manager, helping companies like Unisys and Ford Motor streamline their systems and improve project success. They discovered the key to successful delivery is engaging stakeholders, which inspired their book, Stakeholder in Your World. They became passionate about teaching agile, working as a trainer, coach, and consultant, and as an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University. They have also used agile practices in their personal life, such as renovating their home and participating in their church community.

Krista Pritchard
Knowledge Engineer

Krista Pritchard is a seasoned Business Analyst and Agile Facilitator with 15 years of experience. With a Bachelor of Commerce and multiple certifications, she excels in building relationships, facilitating dialogues, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and change management. With a keen interest in data, she has held key positions in organizations like Flight and New Zealand Young Farmers.


Shane Hastie
Global Delivery Lead

Drawing on over 35 years of experience in agile, business analysis, software testing, product development, and organizational change, I am passionate about guiding people as they transform from traditional to modern, more healthy ways of working. My work and experience inspired my first book, #noprojects - A Culture of Continuous Value, which I coauthored with Evan Leybourn.


Colin Garlick
Knowledge Engineer

I began my career as a biostatistician, but my interest in computer programming made pivoting into the IT space a natural transition. For the last 30 years, I have been delivering software solutions as a developer, designer, and architect. Leveraging my vast knowledge of programming languages, I've designed and delivered systems for businesses in the medical, building, telecommunications, and finance industries. I even created the security and access control system for the first internet café in New Zealand.

Andy van der Gugten
Knowledge Engineer

I’ve always worked in an agile way – even before I knew what that meant. When I was an IT project manager, others often wondered why I was never at my desk. Instead, I was spending most of my time with our business teams or customers, trying to understand their needs and frustrations so I could find the best solution for their problems. As a certified trainer, facilitator and coach, I find the most joy in equipping teams with the skills, knowledge, freedom, and support they need to solve problems and delight customers. Creating team cultures that thrive on open communication and collaboration is also what drew me to DevOps. Agile and DevOps go hand-in-hand in that sense.

Tommy Re
President, Vital Talent

Tommy has over 30 years of experience in organizational development and training. He holds a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Seton Hall University and has taught public speaking at the University of Phoenix. Additionally, he is a guest speaker on leadership at NC State University's MSW program and an author of "The Power of Presentation: A Vital Guide to Delivering Compelling Business Presentations". He started his career as a professional actor, with a notable appearance in the Tony Award-winning original production of "A Chorus Line" on Broadway.


Chris Knotts
Principal Consultant

Chris is an experienced leader in enterprise technology with over two decades in training, coaching, and emergent technology enablement, particularly in project management. He excels in creating transformative technology training programs focused on software development, data environments, and agile methodologies. His expertise encompasses enterprise software engineering, advanced analytics, data engineering, and the application of AI and machine learning in business. Chris combines design thinking and lean technology management to innovate in product development and operational strategies, impacting various sectors such as government, education, and multinational corporations.


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