Maintaining Commercial Neutrality

Any and all corporate presentations of any kind (in-person verbal, audio, video, visual text, etc.) made at The New York State Forum sponsored, co-sponsored or hosted events must be entirely commercial product/service neutral. No presentation content or visuals shall in any way promote a corporation, its products or services, or suggest superiority over other alternatives in the marketplace.

The mission of The New York State Forum and its government and corporate members is to provide the best educational content possible through leveraging the rich base of knowledge and human resources resident in of our IT Corporate Roundtable. We do so in an environment of commercial and political neutrality which is the fundamental reason why The New York State Forum has earned the widespread respect of state and local government leadership for over 30 years. It is also why The Forum's members often utter the phrase "leave your logo at the door" when discussing the rules of engagement operable in The NYS Forum's context.

You may view the complete ITCR Guidelines at Forum Guidelines for the IT Corporate Roundtable above.


Mario J. Musolino

Executive Director