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New York Government Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What is The NYS Forum, Inc.?

The NYS Forum, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization incorporated as a 501(c)(3).  The NYS Forum's membership is comprised of New York State, New York City and Local leaders and professionals in the public and private sector who collaborate in a vendor neutral environment to advance New York's public sector information technology (IT) practices.  The Forum provides the framework through which professionals and managers exchange knowledge and experiences and articulate information technology-related policies and operational strategies to effectively leverage information resources as a core component of government operations.

What is the value of The NYS Forum, Inc.?

The NYS Forum's initiatives are designed to strategically align with and support the state's current technology and business priorities, while providing a venue to understand and explore the applicability of emerging technologies, practices and strategies.  Members of The NYS Forum, Inc. benefit from an array of services and supports, including:

  • Networking  -  The NYS Forum provides multiple ways for Government Members to interact with IT and business professionals at all levels in the public and private sector. 
  • Work Groups  -  The NYS Forum's Work Groups provide the venue for members to identify and share information regarding common issues. Work Groups develop and implement activities and initiatives that directly supplement the skills and knowledge of the state's workforce skills enhancing their ability to fulfill their professional duties. The Work Groups' programmatic initiatives are integral to The NYS Forum fulfilling its mission and achieving its strategic goals.
  • Leadership Development  -  Members of The NYS Forum, Inc. can take advantage of opportunities to develop leadership skills as Work Group Co-Chairs, serving as a member of the Board of Directors; working on committees and task forces organized to meet identified needs, etc. As active members, individuals have access to opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills by convening interested stakeholders from government and private sector entities; identifying common issues and interests; and, implementing activities to achieve the goals of the organization. Engagement in leadership positions is valuable for the individual and their agency. The opportunity to engage with and learn from other leaders in the New York State and New York City IT arena directly supports the state's need for succession planning and leadership development.
  • Website, Electronic Communication, Repository of Information, Resources, Tools  -  The electronic resources of The NYS Forum, Inc. enables Government Members to network, collaborate and share resources. Through the web site, email-based communications and other electronic tools, members are able to connect with over 10,000 of their peers.
  • Responding to NYS Government Needs  -  Members of The NYS Forum coalesce to respond to identified needs. Examples of targeted initiatives include:

What is the cost of membership?

As a non-profit membership organization, The NYS Forum depends upon membership dues to support mission-related goals and initiatives.

Regarding individual government entities, including agencies, authorities, and public benefit corporations, a three-tiered dues structure ensures a consistent and equitable method based upon the number of agency employees. However, this does not apply to large enterprises that have multiple entities/locations throughout the State. These types of organizations are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Large Agency/Office 1,000 or more employees $12,500 annually

Medium Agency/Office 500 - 999 employees $5,500 annually

Small Agency/Office 499 or fewer employees $2,000 annually

Can NYS Entity/Agency Resources be Used to Pay for Membership Dues?

In short...yes! NYS Entity/Agency resources can be used to pay for membership. Information about the guidelines and determinations regarding payment of membership dues is summarized below.

NYS Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) Bulletin G-76: Payment for Memberships in Professional Organizations. This bulletin was issued in 1988 and reviewed and updated in 2006 and remains in effect today. Bulletin G-76 clarifies that State Agencies are authorized to pay for professional membership dues when membership is directly related to the professional duties and activities of the agency. Guidance regarding the justification for authorization of payment is provided, noting that agencies should clearly articulate the benefits of such membership which can include access to professional meetings and conferences; reduced rates for conference or training sessions, research services, etc. http://www.osc.state.ny.us/agencies/gbull/g-76.htm

In 1993, the NYS Division of the Budget (DOB) wrote to the NYS OSC expressing their opinion that The NYS Forum meets all of the requirements set forth under OSC Bulletin G-76. On March 15, 1993, OSC expressed its approval of the DOB opinion. Subsequently, The NYS Forum incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. In 2009, The NYS Forum, Inc. requested OSC's review of the 1993 opinion taking into consideration the organization's restructuring. In 2009, OSC issued a letter confirming the original determination: "The NYS Forum, Inc. meets all the requirements of OSC Bulletin G-76 thereby allowing State agencies to expend State funds for Forum membership dues."

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