Data Analytics


“Data is the New Oil” – First coined by British Mathematician Clive Humby way back in 2006 this memorable phrase has been quoted by thought leaders, policymakers and data scientists across the world. In the public sector context, best practices around the use of data can mean the difference between success and failure. We only need to look to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to see just how critical it is for governments to identify, gather, share, analyze and act on an almost limitless array of data points – all in real time, with real life consequences.

Whether it is systematic data collection practices, security and Personal Identifiable Information concerns, data analytics techniques or predictive modeling methodologies the Data Analytics Workgroup will tap the expertise of our diverse membership to share best practices. The objective of the Data Analytics Workgroup is to provide an avenue for government and representatives of the IT Corporate Roundtable to collaborate and learn the most effective ways to utilize data analytics and data sets to improve services to all New Yorkers.

Steering Committee:

  • Jeffrey Frederick (OSC) 
  • Erin Murphy (NYS Labor) 
  • Maureen McHugh (Red Hat) 
  • Tim Gardiner (NYS ITS) 
  • Adam Gigandet (Cloud and Things) 
  • Ari Epstein (NYS DOS)  
  • Kayran Abasali (MS) 
  • Mike Halpern (AWS) 

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